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Ranking Data in SPSS Statistics


Ranking is used to recode the data into their rank ordering from smallest to largest or largest to smallest. We will demonstrate this by entering in some data and ranking it in SPSS Statistics.

  Data to Rank
  87 26 54 39 67 12 28 98 54 68 23 64 28 43 77
Table:Data to enter into SPSS Statistics.

Your data should be entered into SPSS Statistics, as shown below:

Ranking Data in SPSS

Published with written permission from SPSS Statistics, IBM Corporation.

Note: We have named the variable as Data, which you will see reflected in the name of the column (i.e., ). Remember that each individual's results go on a separate line (row) in SPSS Statistics.

SPSS Statistics

Procedure in SPSS Statistics

The procedure below shows you how to rank your data:


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