QuickStart Resources

The list below shows our "quick start" statistical guides. These are shorter guides that you might already be familiar with as this is how you found our website. However, these guides are not generally good substitutes for our premium guides, but we include them here just in case you are interested in reading them. All guides will open in a new tab.

SPSS Tutorials

Getting to Know SPSS

Creating a New File
Working with Variables
Entering Data
Transforming Data
Recoding Variables
Ranking Data

Graphs & Charts

Bar Chart
Clustered Bar Chart

Checking Assumptions

Testing for Normality

Predicting Scores

Linear Regression


Pearson's Correlation
Spearman's Correlation
Chi-Square for Association


Cronbach's Alpha

Differences Between Groups

Independent T-Test
Dependent T-Test
One-way ANOVA
ANOVA with Repeated Measures
Two-way ANOVA
One-way MANOVA
Mann-Whitney U Test
Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test
Kruskal-Wallis H Test
Friedman Test

One-Sample Tests

Goodness of Fit Test

Statistical Guides


Descriptive & Inferential Statistics
Measures of Central Tendency
Measures of Spread
Absolute Deviation & Variance
Standard Deviation
Hypothesis Testing
Types of Variable
Normal Distribution Calculations
Standard Score

Statistical Tests

Independent T-Test
Dependent T-Test
One-way ANOVA
Repeated Measures ANOVA
Pearson Correlation
Spearman's Correlation

Testing Assumptions




Standard Deviation
Normal Distribution


Dependent T-Test


Pearson's Correlation
Spearman's Correlation