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Mann-Whitney U test in SPSS (cont...)


Mann-Whitney U test procedure (legacy procedure)

The procedure to run a Mann-Whitney U test using the legacy procedure in SPSS is shown in the nine steps below. However, if you wanted to use the new procedure, this is available on the previous page.

Now that you have run the Mann-Whitney U test procedure, you need to generate medians for your data. We show you how to do this on the next page.

1Introduction 2Assumptions 3Problems solved 4Flowchart 5Example used in this guide 6Setting up your data
(continuous dependent variable)
7Setting up your data
(ordinal dependent variable)
8Introduction to the procedure 9Mann-Whitney U test procedure
(new procedure)
10Mann-Whitney U test procedure
(legacy procedure)
11Generating medians 12Introduction to the distributional assumption 13Generating a population pyramid
(legacy procedure)
14Comparing distributional shapes
(legacy procedure)
15Comparing distributional shapes
(legacy procedure)
16Interpreting & reporting:
Getting started
17Comparison of medians
(new procedure)
18Comparison of distributions
(new procedure)
19Comparison of medians
(legacy procedure)
20Comparison of distributions
(legacy procedure)